Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st - A Brand New Month

April 1st - traditionally known as April Fool's Day. So how do I plan on spending today?
     This morning I am washing and trying to dry all the clothes from camping. Our dryer is on its last leg - sometimes it works and sometimes it won't. (It worked for 30 minutes, gave off a smell, and now won't start. I guess a new dryer is in our future - I hope!) If the sun shines, I have no problems since I do have a line to hang clothes.
     I also plan to drive to Eunice to buy some fabric for backings and fabric to turn 2 boy headboards into headboards for a princess - my DGD Spirit.
     This afternoon I am picking up my DGD Samantha and we are going eat crawfish with her boyfriend and my 2 grandsons. This is going to be fun fun fun.
      In the time between the trip to Eunice and the crawfish, I plan on working on more binding for DD#1. I am beginning to see the end of the bag of binding she gave me. Only one quilt-as-you-go quilt and about 5 potholders(ugh, I will see those in my sleep!). I also need to cover the ends of the bed for Spirit.
      April 2nd, I will either be at the guild's quilt workshop or at a wake. I hope it is at the workshop. Our guild will be hanging quilts and demonstrating elements in quilting. I will be binding my Saint Star Season quilt.
     Judy L. choose ORANGE as the color of the month and UFO #4(Cats Antique) as the one to complete. I didn't get to complete #1(DJs Graduation quilt) from last month and really need to work on that one since it is due May 31st. My February UFO is still at the quilters and I need to bind Tanya's Graduation quilt. Then there is the bird houses for the KSQG and the block for Linda G and the Bee block. So much to get done in one month. Hopefully, it will all get done.
Well, Lator Gators, I have to get started if I want to be ready for crawfish at 4pm. May all the fabric you need appear in your stash. Keeping 2011 STRESS FREE (but not always doing a great job)!

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