Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lorenzo the pug

I just gave away 4 puppies even though I wanted to keep two of them...the female b/c of her size (8 oz at 4 months old) and the male b/c of his personality. Pape and I decided we didn't want any more 4 legged children. Lilly was scheduled for surgery and then the big dogs attacked her. That put off the surgery but only until her wounds got better.
     Well, yesterday, DSS's girlfriend and DSD came in with a pug puppy each. DSS's was white and looked like my white pekingese w/o the hair. DSD looks like the doggy agent in Men in Black movies. After Ami died, the only dog I would consider owning was a pug and then I was given my 1st yorkie. Well, to make a long story short, my DSS has had a mood change and doesn't want the puppy so it is living with me.
     Since the puppy came w/o invitation, we named him Lorenzo after a thief who years ago would break into homes and help himself to lunch, clean-up after himself, and leave a thank you note.  So far Lilly, Lulu, and King Leeapaul don't mind the puppy so all is good. Two of my daughters have volunteered to take him and give him a great home if the yorkies decided he can't stay.
Lator, Gators. May the fabric you need show up in your stash whenever you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE.


  1. How cute! I think he is a keeper!!

  2. Oh my, Lorenzo is so cute.... I can imagine how hard it is giving pups away!
    Thanks for your comment on my post at Sew We Quilt - as you say QAYG can be used to use up all those pieces .... I am planning a multicoloured one...