Saturday, April 30, 2011

Leeapaul's New Do

Before haircut
Scruffy but elegant
After 6 years of my brushing and pulling burrs out of Leeapaul's fur, I finally got my husband to allow me to have his hair 'trimmed.'  So off to the groomer he went. 
A little more hair came off than a trim. I barely recognized him when I picked him up. You can't see skin but it is fairly close. My eldest four-legged child went from a scruffy wild haired cur to the well groomed champion that we knew he was. LOL 
After haircut
    As you can tell, Leeapaul does not like his new look and neither does Pape. But I love it since he went chase the cows right after the pictures and no burrs stuck to him. Only I knew he was mostly hair but never thought he was that small. Even my chug is 'bigger' than Lee. As soon as Lilly is thru with all her heartworm treatments, she will be visiting the groomer for the same cut. As for LuLu, the shorkie, she will be getting a homemade haircut by me in the next few days. She has too many burrs to go to the groomer. Lorenzo, the chug, already has this do.
    Now if I could only get DH to agree to allow me to "trim" about 12 inches off my head. Naw, we both like my long hair and it has gotten to the double braid stage - ear to ear.LOL
Lator Gators. May the fabric you want appear in your stash.

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