Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 18 April 30, 2011

Fabric Added:    2 yards (gifted to me by Dottie for Sammie's graduation quilt)
Total Fabric Added in April:    14.75  yards
Fabric Added YTD:      37.56  yards (That's 9 yds/month.)
Fabric Used This Week:  2      yards (signature block fabric)
Total Fabric Used in April:          25 yards
Fabric Used YTD:         78.06 yards (last week had miscalculation)
Stash Enhancement/ Busted:  42.5 yards (That's 10.6 yards a month)
    I didn't go to a quilt shop this week. But I still gained 2 yards of fabric b/c a friend found the perfect fabric to include in my DGD#2 (Sammie)'s quilt so she gifted it to me. It is indeed perfect for the halloween themed spider web (octagon) quilt Sammie wants.
Leeapaul sporting his new do
   My BFF came here Thursday and we sewed all afternoon. She decided to make a quilt for a young lady who is getting married on May 21st.  The plan was to  have the wedding guest sign individual blocks. Great Plan! Yet if you know my BFF then you know that in 4 years of quilting she has not finished a quilt or even made a top. Oh, but she has a stash to die for - coordinated fabrics with patterns to go with it. Enough fabric to make the whole quilt and then some for error.
Lilly watching Lee and Lorenzo
So she brought 256 Bella Natural 5" blocks to my house and we picked fabric (2+ yards) from my stash to make the corners.  Now the young lady has 250 formally invited guests and many more casually invited guests.  My BFF can only come here on Saturdays which gives us 2 Saturdays to get these made.  So far we have 70 signature blocks made and 140 bonus half-square triangles. I believe we will run out of corner fabric before we get to 150 signature blocks. But not to worry, we have a back up plan - actually three: 1) use all those bonus triangles; and 2) prepare some just plain Bella blocks; 3) first come first sign and when the blocks are gone, we are done. I have a feeling that we are going with #3. LOL
Lator Gators!  May the fabric you need find its way into your stash.


  1. That is a big project. The blocks should make for a neat wedding quilt.

  2. What a great idea for a wedding quilt! Hope it works out for you!