Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16, 2011

Monday: Lilly goes to vet for second treatment for heartworms. Camper goes in again to find out why generator batteries die (I have been saying there is a short but no man is listening!) We bowl position round for money.
Quilting Goals for this week:
          Sunday:  Make 3 potato bags and put binding on Tanya's (DD#2) Graduation Quilt.
          Monday: Mail swap packages and potato bag.  Put together next row of DJ's quilt. Trim DD#1's quilt (for my DH) and put binding on it.

Actual Happenings:
         Sunday: Spent the day cleaning house and tracking down missing items that walked off without our knowledge or permission. Things like bikes, tools, and chairs and many other things that have been traveling w/o us. I played nurse and driver to DGD#2. I picked out fabric for the potato bags and layered them (incorrectly) but I made it work by adding binding to the tops.
         Monday: 1)  I brought Lilly to vet for her second heartworm treatment. 2)We took the camper to RV place and were told that there was nothing wrong with it. They took us to do certain things - plug camper in and this would charge battery and then right before we leave cut battery switch. I certainly hope this will work b/c I still think there is a short. 3) DH spent an hour trying to find our extension cords w/o luck but he did find most of the missing tools and locked them in the shed. We then went to Lowe's to buy an extension cord to plug the camper on. 4) I sewed the potato bags together. 5) We bowled and lost 3 of 4 games. Oh well we did as well as we could.
New Plans for Tuesday:
1) Mail the Bee block and Swap blocks. 2) Drive to Lafayette and pick up batting for 3 quilts. 3) Meet DD#1 at BQ to pick out fabric for lighter version of Saints Super Star Season and thread for quilting. 4) Shop for needed items and pack camper. 5) put binding on Tanya's quilt. 6) Trim and put binding on DD#1's quilt for DH.
Hopefully I can manage to do it all in one day b/c Wednesday we will be picking up Lilly and leaving for Dallas.
Lator Gators. May the fabric you need find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. You certainly have a lot planned for today - good luck!!

  2. I could have sworn I posted a comment yesterday! Hmm. Maybe I am finally losing it.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on. Good luck in the bowling, drive safely, and find a quilt shop!

    Remember, the one who has with the most fabric WINS!