Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday - So Far So Good

My Plans for Tuesday:
1) Mail the Bee block and Swap blocks. 2) Drive to Lafayette and pick up batting for 3 quilts. 3) Meet DD#1 at BQ to pick out fabric for lighter version of Saints Super Star Season and thread for quilting. 4) Shop for needed items and pack camper. 5) put binding on Tanya's quilt. 6) Trim and put binding on DD#1's quilt for DH.
Hopefully I can manage to do it all in one day b/c Wednesday we will be picking up Lilly and leaving for Dallas.
     #4 will have to wait until later tonight since DH has other plans but I am steering him towards the store.  #5 can't be accomplished until I make binding since the one I made has taken feet. #6 is the same. 
   When I came home DSS was here, he came to explain about behavior and the full moon. Old news to DH and I since we were teachers but new to him. He then showed us what he learned in school and gave his dad a leg rub with epson salts and baby oil. In the middle of mine, DH decided to change the oil in the camper. DSS had to help his father so I sat with my legs wrapped in a cold towel. Needless to say I am now fighting a bout with Art Ritis.
   DD#1 brought me back a quilt that she quilted and as soon as I am finished here, I am going into studio and cut binding for both quilts. I may be up late sewing on binding.
But 3 of the main 4 were done before life got in the way.
Lator Gators.Don't get caught in the race to higher ground! May the fabric you need find its way into your stash.


  1. Epsom salts and baby oil? That sounds like it feels good. I made some bath salts with Epsom salts and some essential oils like menthol and lemon. Nice in the btw!

    Good luck bowling!


  2. That is supposed to be Nice in the bath!

  3. You may not have accomplished everything on your list but it looks like you've had quite q productive day! Good luck on getting those bindings sewed on.