Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 19 May 7, 2011

First things First!  Happy Mother's Day!
Stash Report:

Fabric Added:    2 yards (8 fat quarters - 5 teal. 2 tree barks, and 1 purple)
Total Fabric Added in May:    2  yards
Fabric Added YTD:      39.56  yards (That's 9 yds/month.)
Fabric Used This Week:  0.5    yards (tree block and swap block)
Total Fabric Used in May:          0.5 yards
Fabric Used YTD:         78.56 yards 
Stash Enhancement/ Busted:  41 yards (That's 10.6 yards a month)
My version of a dragonfly tree
     My mojo has left me! It has been frustrated with all the math from the piecing I have been doing. (Bad math at that since the blocks have not come out 12.5" square!) Not a good thing since I have 2 quilts due this month, 2 due next month, and 250 signature blocks due next week. 
Unhappy working on country feet!
   DD#2 and DGD#2 took me out Saturday and treated me to a day of relaxation. First, DGD and I had a pedicure so now we have matching cherry toes. Then DD#2 and I had a manicure so I have cherry fingers and she has grand burgundy fingers. It was clear that I am new to this type of pampering since I messed up the pedi and they had to fix it. Also by the time I got to our car, I had messed up 2 fingers of my manicure. Oh, well, Perfect is not me!
     After that they took me to my favorite place to eat -Olive Garden and we had a great meal. As a treat for DD#2, we went to her favorite teacher store. Then DGD#2 brought us to a movie-Madea's Happy Family. We laughed until we cried and then cried until we laughed. After the movie, we got chocolate and Pibb and then went meet DGD's boyfriend. hee hee I hope we didn't scare him too badly.
   Then I drove home and DSS had bar-b-qued pork, ribs, and chicken waiting for me. He even apologized for his behavior last week.   All in all a great day! Today is quiet so far but that it seldom stays that way for long. LOL
Lator Gators! Have a great day and may all the fabric you want and need appear in your stash.


  1. I love your dragonfly tree! I desparately need a manicure, I thought we were going together????



  2. Next time I am in BR for the day, we have a date as long as it includes chocolate!