Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday and Saturday Blues

   Thursday we came home from a Toastmaster's meeting and pizza with DGD & boyfriend to find the central down. DGD got the two fans on her and we put on our fan. It was slightly hot but we all survived the night. Friday, I flipped switches and DH replaced fuses and we had air conditioning all day long. I was very happy about that since I had my second daughter's children. They were not too happy with the fact that we spend so much time outside or that we keep the house at 80. Friday was hotter than Thursday so we needed that cool air. 
   Friday night DH, DGD, and I decided at about 6pm to go to the horse races and eat at the casino. We had fun and my long shot "Smart as a Whip"(my maiden name) came in 1st. But we came home at 11pm to a hot house b/c the air was off again. Friday night was not comfortable at all. This morning DH called the air conditioner man to walk us thru the repair on the phone with no luck. It took Mr. Kenneth  all afternoon to figure out why wasn't power. He says we had a short caused by all the power surges we have been experiencing. I say that the demon squirrels hit again. Either way it is now fixed.
   DGD asked to take the Element and go bowling in Lafayette with her best friend. We said Yes since she will be getting the Element in August to drive herself to school each day and it is coming soon. It hasn't rained in a long time so you would think it would be safe to assume it wouldn't rain. Think again! That is when God played his trick...she was gone about 15 minutes when a massive thunderstorm hit. Trust! My stomach was doing flips until she called letting me know she was safely there. It did the flops when she called to say she was on her way back 3 hours later. TRUST in God to keep her safe and sound. She made it safely and never had any rain there or back just winds that kinda scared her. She told me she rathers drive with someone in the car than alone. Lesson learned!
   Tomorrow I will sew...I will! House is cool, visitors are gone, DSS does not work on Sunday so no construction to oversee or dad/son arguments to calm so it should be a good day to sew.
Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire appear in your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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