Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Oh! How I wish Blogger, My Computer, and My Iphone were working together again. My Computer won't recognize my Iphone except to charge it. It is the dickens to get pictures on Facebook and near impossible to get current pictures on Blogger. UGH!
   June is known as the month of birthdays. They start on the 1st and end on the 20th and some days have 3. Happy Birthday to my family!
#8 BOM Stars
   Judy L. picked #8 as the UFO of the month.  BOM Stars was a history associated with it. My favorite quilt shop closed after 4 months into this BOM. We received all the BOM packets and the finishing packets. But the fun was gone! So it got put on the back burner to be finished at a later time. It will be finished by May of 2012 b/c it is for a graduation quilt, maybe. (I have to finished DGD#2's spider enhanced spiderweb graduation quilt by then too complete with the yo-yo spiders. DGD#2 has collected Halloween fabric ever since she saw the airing of that quilt on Alex Anderson's show. She has quite a bag. LOL)
   I haven't finished UFO's that were picked in March (#1 DJ's Graduation Quilt based on Judy Holly's New York Beauty class) or April (#4 Antique Cats to learn how to make "no waste flying geese" in odd sizes) or May (#9 Charlotta Angotti's Mystery #2 from a workshop in Lafayette). I have been working on DJ's graduation quilt (along with lots of other small projects and lots of binding-down to the last one but it has lots of sewing) and am at the point that I am ready to start machine quilting. His quilt wasn't ready for graduation but will be ready when he moves into the dorms for the fall semester. 
DJ's Quilt
   Now I have decisions! I know that I must work on DJ's quilt and I have a Jodi Barrow workshop & a Krewe of Quilter's workshop in June and a GSQA workshop in July. I also have lots of swaps to complete and the Krotz Springs Quilt show in July. Do I want to work on those or work on those UFO's that I put aside? Ugh!
    Last night, May 31st, I had the privelege to watch Joe "Joe the Quilter" Cunningham perform. He gave the lectures at the QGA meeting. He was funny/goofy and his songs were great. He also offered 2 workshops on handquilting - 1 was from 1to5 and today's is from 9 to 5. I didn't take either since Art Ritis has come to live in my hands and hates making tiny stitches  although Joe Cunningham's stitches were even but not tiny and at times quite large (3 or 4 to top inch). He gave me hope of being able to do it again.
   Well, time to get cracking. I have to supervise construction of my screen porch; clean the den so that DGD#2 can move in for summer; work on SWAP blocks; work on LOTTO blocks; and work on DJ's quilt. Busy Busy Busy! And I wonder why I get so tired!
   Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire appear in your stash as you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!



  1. Man you sound busy! I have dutifully put Judy L's UFOs for the correct month up on my design wall, but have yet to complete any. Is that silly or what!

    glen: take turmeric for your hands, it is an anti inflammatory and really works on my knee