Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 26 June 26, 2011

Stash Report
Fabric Added this week:   .25 yards 
Total Fabric Added in June: 11.875 yards 
Fabric Added YTD: 62.435 yards (about 10 yards a month)Ugh!    
Fabric Used This Week: yards
Total Fabric Used in June: 4.25 yards 
Fabric Used YTD: 107.43 yards (almost 8 yards a month)
Stash Enhancement/ Busted44.995 yards  

    My stash is going down slowly but surely since my muse came back. This week I finished a charity quilt top but can't count the fabric since the guild provided it. But I made the back for it and that I did count. Usually I count fabric only after the quilt is completely made but this is one of those exceptions to the rule.
    Saturday, I spent a delightful day learning to use the Square in a Square ruler. My leaders and enders just got a new look and purpose. LOL
    Off to visit my still messy quilt studio. I am working on putting together those lotto blocks I won. DD#1 won't be happy with all these finishes...she thought she would get to quilt one of her quilts. 
Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. 4 yards used is a great stash week! Good luck with your lotto blocks!

  2. Looks like you're having a good year so far

  3. Glad you muse is back. More in then out, so that's a fantastic week!

  4. 107 yds of fabric to date! Oh my, that is very impressive! Great job this year -- and we are only half way through.

  5. I hope your muse sticks around for a while. Sounds like great things are happening!