Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update on Lorenzo the Chug

   I called the hospital at 8:30pm and was told that Lorenzo is stabilized and resting comfortably. Oh, and stealing all the techs hearts. He is still stating his case as usual.

  DH went over with Sammie to the neighbor to let them know what had happened and to give them the bills. The wife claimed that they didn't know the dogs were out until her granddaughter reported that she had seen the attack. What happens next depends on what our neighbor does. I want to report these dogs to Animal Control and the Sheriff Department while my DH wants to allow the neighbor to act. Neither of us want the dogs put down...we just want to have the neighborhood safe again for walkers, bikers, and small dogs.
   All the dogs are missing Lorenzo especially Ama. She ran around outside looking for him in all the usual places like under the VW and then tried unsuccessfully to play with Leeapaul, Lilly, Lulu, and even Kole. 
  Finally, she saw a little white dog in the field next door and tore off to go play. I think she was very disappointed when it turned out not to be Lorenzo. (She has learned what the switch means but doesn't 'state' her case like Lorenzo.) Sammie had to console her by holding her like we do Lorenzo and rubbing her belly. Funny sight!
Tomorrow we travel back to BR to find out if Lorenzo has to have surgery for the ribs or if some other treatment is necessary. I really miss that little backtalking mess!
Lator Gators.


  1. It sounds like Lorenzo is well loved by all. :)
    It's sad that there are "pets" that must be feared. It makes for an unpleasant neighborhood. I still think you should report them. Good luck little Lorenzo. I hope you are home soon.

    Hang in there Charlene. Hugs to ya.

  2. Poor Ama. Our house is empty too! So I know what it feels like.

    Let me know when you are here tomorrow, maybe we can at least have some lunch. Oh, Frank has his colonoscopy tomorrow so I think he will be ready to eat by lunch! LOL.


  3. Hello!
    I see we are swap partners this month; came to check your blog out and was saddened to read of this horrible misfortune. I also have a chi chi - Gracie. I worry more about the birds trying to scoop her up, since she is contained inside a fence when she is outside. Hope that Lorenzo continues to improve. I wish for a speedy and positive outcome for everyone involved.
    Looking forward to knowing you better,