Monday, July 25, 2011

Lorenzo the Chug - Update 2

  When the surgeon let us into the room, Lorenzo looked so pitiful with his IV and sleeping on his feet. Then he recognized my voice and face, his tail curled up and he started wagging. I reached in and gave him a hand hug. He gave me a great big kiss on my hand and then just laid on it like he was so glad to see me. He looked so much better than Friday night. 
    He has on a bright yellow flax jacket to help stabilize his chest and is still in an oxygen cage but he looked like his old self. Lorenzo will have surgery Tuesday morning to repair his ribs (5) and explore how deep the puncture wounds are. The surgeon is  more worried about the puncture wounds b/c Lorenzo had to go thru a ditch to get back to us. But the surgeon kept telling me what a strong little dog Lorenzo was and that he may be home Thursday or Friday if there are no complications.                                            
Here he is sending a kiss to everyone!
Lator Gators! I am going to the gym to work off some of the bad vibs this has given me.


  1. Wow, he really looks good. I would be in intensive care not moving a thing. Dogs are so resilient. I think he will make it!!

    Glad you got yo see him today. My heart is with both of you guys.

    glen ( and Dutch who is home and finally sleeping)

  2. I'm glad your baby is recovering--are you feeling allright? how is Pape. Take care and happy sewing!