Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy 2

   Today started at 4am and hasn't finished yet and tomorrow starts at 5:30 and won't end until after 11pm.  Stelly, my DH, had a small procedure today and if you know him, he does nothing quickly. So you know I had to get up about 2 hours early so I could be ready. I woke him up at 4:45am which gave him 45 minutes to get ready and in the car. Did he make it? NO! But we got to the hospital on time and his procedure went well. He doesn't have to get another for another 10 years. 
   After the procedure, we went to the casino to eat breakfast. The cook there makes the best bacon omelet. DH made up for all the food he didn't eat on Tuesday. LOL Then we came home for a long nap...for me until 2pm and for him until 3pm.
Tuesday, DD#1 and I went to BQ to have our fabric lunch and so I could give her a roll of batting, some backing material, and find out time bus was leaving on Friday. We found this print on sale at 40% off and it was just what I needed for the Garden Maze block. I had planned on getting the focus fabric on the shop hop. So after my nap and before my exercise appt., I put the block together. I had the teal and orange already  in my stash. DGD#1 and I think that it goes perfect. She is already planning how I should quilt and embellish it. Every quilt I start, she wants and every one I finish DH wants to keep. 
   DGD#1 is cooking tonight and leaving for next semester tomorrow. Leeapaul goes back to LSU tomorrow also so we will have a loaded car to bring to her apartment. I will miss her cooking! She asked for one of my potato bags to use in the dorm to heat biscuits. Tomorrow I have a session with trainer at 7am, then drive to BR for Leeapaul's appt. at 11pm, then drop off DGD#1's stuff, and then guild meeting at 6pm. Some time in there we will find something to eat and maybe take a nap. 
   Friday & Saturday is the Shop Hop and I am looking forward to it if only to get away from the Drama King and Queen for a while. They are punishing  me by not coming to or in the house when I am around. So to aggravate them I go outside and sit with DH. A weekend without drama sounds wonderful!
   Well, DGD#1 has served me the best chicken Alfredo with broccoli. Now I am ready to take my bath and go to bed. 
Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire find its way into your stash w/o breaking your budget. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. Whew I know u are tired! Good news about DH. And I do love that fabulous fabric find, what great colors. I am going to miss u tomorrow, but will be available next thurs if leeapaul has a date with the doc.

    Have fun at the shop hop. I have a cooking class with the most gorgeous Italian chef.