Friday, August 19, 2011

Shop Hop

  I made it thru the last 3 days exhausted and glad everything and everyone is fine and cleared by their doctors.
   This morning I am leaving to go to BQ where I will get on a bus with 34 other quilters from the area to cruise the shops for 2 glorious days. Rest! Fondling fabric even on my small budget sounds wonderful. DH will have charge of Leeapaul, Lorenzo, Lilly, Lulu, and Ama. Hopefully all will get fed and Leeapaul will get his meds. 
 I will be back Sunday with pictures, books, tools, toys, and fabric.
Lator Gators. May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

1 comment:

  1. well, you know that I am sooo totally jealous. Funny, my code word on this post was "cating" for you gals who are "cating around the quilt shops!" LOL