Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leeapaul Update 2

   We drove to BR today to bring Leeapaul and Lorenzo to the vets at LSU. Dr. Upchurch and Dr. Matt are wonderful vets and have done wonders.
   They were amazed at the progress that Lorenzo has made in 10 days ago. He has been released  and only needs to come back if something develops. 

Leeapaul had his bandaged removed and we got a short reprimand. Dr. Matt did share part of the blame since he forgot to give me the gloves to cover the bandage last time. Everytime I would cover the bandage with peel & stick, Lee would peel it off also Pape doesn't take him out with the leash and Leeapaul hops quickly around the yard. This caused his bandage to slip down and become soiled with urine. He goes back next Thursday so hopefully we will do better. Otherwise he is doing fine!
While we were in BR, Glen came meet us and we went eat lunch at a local place. Between Glen and Pape(Stelly), I laughed constantly. I realized that one of the reasons that I like her so very much is that she is exactly like Pape in personality. Frank, Glen's husband, came meet us for lunch and the 4 of us hit it off, I think. I know Glen and Pape hit it off. It made an unpleasant experience much more pleasant. But as Dr. Upchurch says, "We can't keep meeting under these circumstances!" I wish that Glen & Frank & Dutch weren't going thru what they are going thru and I wish we weren't either. But life is as it is so no complaining. 
  Kristin, DGD#1, was waiting for us when we got home. She fussed at us b/c pape wasn't clear last night when he told her we were going to bring boys to vets today. She woke up thinking we were bringing only Lorenzo and when to take Leeapaul for a potty break and he wasn't there! I think my 'self proclaimed dog hater' has developed a crush on Leeapaul and Lorenzo. LOL   

  As for the exercise routine, it is getting done but the results aren't happening either from the diet or exercise. Although Glen said that my face is thinner, the scale is not saying the same. Oh, well, the elliptical was a whole lot easier this morning. I have another session with the trainer tomorrow and then again on Monday. UGH! 
  Next week is filling up fast....Monday:exercise in morning and bowling in evening; Tuesday: prep for DH; Wednesday: DH has procedure; Thursday: Exercise in early morning &Vet visit for Leeapaul & guild meeting; Friday & Saturday: Shop Hop; Sunday: Cut fabric for my turn in Bee. Think I will go sew to relax...maybe even work on DJ's quilt.
Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. It was a good day. Good news for Lorenzo . And leeapaul just needs some TLC! The set part was seeing you and Stelly. He is a kick. Totally makes u feel comfort a le and happy . Love him.