Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coming of Age

Goodbye Ellie
Today is the day!
   Today, I turn over my Honda Element (Ellie) to my DGD#2 Samantha. DGD#2 is a senior this year and 7 years ago Ellie was promised to her on her 18th b-day which is October 5th. Insurance has been acquired and DGD#2 has had 2 years of practice in every kind of situation except driving Ellie in BR. (My heart couldn't take it!)
   So why is she getting it  at least 2 months early? Well, her mom got a teaching job in Opelousas getting off at 3:30 and DGD#2 gets off of school at 12:10. The school is definitely not in walking or hiking distance being over 10 miles away and school starts Monday. So DGD#2 needs the vehicle early.  
   Now what am I going to drive? That is the 30 thousand dollar question. I used my down payment for a truck on vet and doctor bills over the summer so can't get a new truck just yet. I have to wait for the stock market to settle before that happens. So there just happens to be in our yard this 30 year old truck, Smithy, that DH is having fixed for me. 
Hello Smithy
   Why haven't we been using it? Well, Smithy has been known to stop in the middle of a trip (not necessarily in a convenient area)  - take a 3 hour nap and then start again as if nothing was wrong. The mechanic has been stumped and has changed everything that can be changed except what I think is wrong - a short in the wiring harness and when wires gets hot, the truck stops. 
   All our cars have names: The element is Ellie; the crown vic is Lady Vic; the motor home is Vernalee (after my mom who loved to travel as long as you stopped by 6pm and ate at Cracker Barrel); and the two vehicles that old man Smith gave us -the car is Mr. Smith b/c it still smells like him after 15 yrs. and the truck is Smithy.
  I have to be strong b/c it is necessary but am wishing I were the kind of person who didn't keep promises. This is one promise that is very hard to keep. But honestly except to have in case DH and I are going in different directions which is happening less and less these days, Smithy is all we really need as a second car. 
   After Smithy is running properly, maybe DSIL will paint Smithy Candy Apple Red  or Metallic Teal as a Christmas present. One can only hope and wish!
  Lator Gators! Putting my Big Girl Panties on (as my daughters all say) and handing over keys. May all the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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