Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lorenzo the Chug - Update 3

To look at Lorenzo you wouldn't know that he had been hurt except that he has a scar on his chest. He is back to being his lovable self except that he is scared of all big dogs including Ama. 
Pape (DH) foot is almost back to normal thanks to some home remedy that Glen sent. He still is in a bit of pain but the swelling is down by 3/4ths.
But the gremlins weren't finished with us. Leeapaul snuck away and tried to herd the cows as usual. Only problem is that one of the cows was a horse.The cows would ignore Lee (after all what could 6 lbs of hair do to a 2000 lb animal!) but the horse chased and caught Lee. So back to the LSU vet clinic we go. This time with a badly broken leg. Leeapaul will be staying with them for a while.
Let this be a lesson to all the 2 legged and 4 legged children out there...don't go sneaking off where mom and dad say not to go. You may get hurt!
Lator Gators! I am off to exercise my troubles away.

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  1. Poor Lee. I hope his leg heals quickly. So glad to hear that Lorenzo is back to his cuddly self. And especially glad to learn that your husbands foot is doing better.