Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lorenzo the chug Update 3

Lorenzo came home Thursday late. Let me tell you, he looked pitiful with his LSU bandage. He didn't want to sit in the back with Sammie, one of his favorite people or in the front with Pape. Oh, no! He had to sit right next to me with his head on my leg while I drove. At least that was where he was until we hit the bumpy section between Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, then he crawled into my arms and I drove with him sleeping on my arms. Every time I put him down he would climb right back in my arms.
 When we got home, he perked up. When he saw Lilly and Leeapaul, he became animated and I knew that he will be alright. Since then he and Pape have managed to break every rule the vets gave him. He has been running and jumping and playing. Pape even had him outside today with Ama but "They weren't playing rough!" This is what I heard when I called to check on them.
 I had a workshop in Baton Rouge so Pape was in charge of giving Lorenzo his meds today since he is the only one with opposing thumbs but no memory for details; Leeapaul was in charge of making sure Pape stays off his foot with the gout; Lilly was in charge of making sure the 'boys' do what they are suppose to do; and Ama was on her own. I was very happy to see Lorenzo inside and Pape outside with his foot up when I got home this afternoon. (Kristin, GD#1, took charge when she got up.Thank goodness Lilly had help!) 
 I will show more about my workshop on Sunday or Monday. The front of my thighs were extremely painful when I tried to raise or lower myself thanks to Friday's workout. I even said a bad word in Church! Hopefully it won't hurt as much tomorrow or my trainer's ears will be burning again. God understands - I believe.

Monday we go back to Baton Rouge to take off Lorenzo's bandage and evaluate his progress. I am hoping that all his movement hasn't caused problems but keeping Lorenzo still at home is like keeping a little child still. It ain't happening! 
Lator Gators! Well, I am off to take a shower and give out meds - Pape, Lorenzo and  me. May the fabric you desire and need appear in your stash before you need them. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE.

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  1. So glad to see lorenzo looking so good.

    Gout is painful. Tell stelly I have the cure for it. Tale a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, juice, or non alcoholic drink, stir and drink it down daily.

    You will never have another attack.

    Hope both your boys get better soon.

    Sorry I have not had a chance to meet ou. Things have been really crazy with the show hanging, Dutch and my mom. X

    Are u here Sunday or Monday?