Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shade Tree Mechanics

I came back from Sew Day to find that these two had volunteered to help DH fix the truck. The three decided that the fuel pump was the problem. So they pulled the fuel pump out of the gas tank. It was some kind of ugly mess with rust in the tank and a second clogged filter. No wonder the truck wouldn't work!
  Getting the tank down wasn't that much of a problem but now they have to put it back on. Trouble with a capital T!
 I am beginning to wonder if I will be driving this truck any time soon...after all the mechanics aren't as old as the truck.

  Watching the three stoogies couldn't have been better than listening to the banter between these two, DH, and DSS..These two were just kids when DH and I became a couple. They were the neighborhood trouble makers and haven't changed much. Love them! All 4 are just big kids!
UPDATE: The truck is running like a clock and they washed it too.
Lator, Gators! May the fabric you desire appear in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. What good looking boys. Boys!! LOL. Truly a Boyz 2 Men afternoon!

    glen: will the truck go back together the right order?