Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stash Report August 21, 2011

Stash Report
Fabric Added this week: 11 yards 
Fabric Added in August: yards
Fabric Added YTD: 83.685 yards (about 10 yards a month)Ugh!    
Fabric Used This Week: 11 yards (backing to dee & 6 yards for bee blocks)
Fabric Used in August: 11.255 yards 
Fabric Used YTD: 125.435 yards
Stash Enhanced/Reduced: 41.75 yards (about 5 yards a month...I need quilts back from DD#1 but this week evened out) 

  This past week was busy and I felt I was catching myself running. That said, everything went off without a catch. DH is deemed healthy; Leeapaul's leg is doing as expected; DGD#1 is established in her apartment on campus; exercise went well until Thursday when Trainer wanted to change training time; and I made it to the Shop Hop and stayed within my $100.00 budget. I didn't need anything!
Patterns & Tools
Shop Hop Blocks
Shop Hop: We left at 9am Friday morning and traveled to Fabric Krazy in BR from there we went to Mama's in Independence and then to Bright Hope in Mandeville and the final stop was Sew This in Abita Springs.Then we stopped at the Camilla Cafe in Abita Springs for supper and finally at 11pm we got to the hotel. Needless to say I crashed!
  Saturday morning we left at 8:45; drove to Mes Ami in NO (amazing shop); then drove to Homa to The Quilting Niche'; and then to Morgan City to The Quilt Cupboard. We arrived at BQ at 5:15pm. It was a full 2 days! I fondled fabric like I was crazy and brought 11 yards worth home with me not counting the shop block kits. 
I get the fat quarter rolls! Yum.
   If my too-many-people-in-a-small place phobia hadn't kicked in at the last 3 shops, my budget would have been blown to pieces. I do plan on going back to those shops very soon.
Mes Ami and The Quilt Cupboard are worth the trip and The Quilting Niche' is right between them. mmmm Bright Hope, Mama's, and Sew This aren't that far away from NO either.  Guess I just need to retrace the Shop Hop backwards.LOL
This coming week is not as full as last week:
  Today:  Kit fabric for my turn in Bee. Monday: Exercise & Bowl. Tuesday:Lunch with DGD#2 & Guild board meeting; Wednesday:  Sewing on DJ quilt; Thursday: Leeapaul goes to vet & DGD#1's b-day lunch; Friday: Sewing; Saturday: work on farm; Sunday: back to sewing.
Update on Truck: Smithy won't start even though battery is fully charged...same song second verse. This is why it sat so long. Hopefully mechanic can find problem this time. Until then we are a one car family and neither of us like to be home bound.
Lator Gators! May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. Charlene I wished I would have met you, I was on the bus with you all too. I read your blog all the time. The shop hop was alot of fun but very tired.