Friday, September 23, 2011


Challenge 1: Oh, why did I get the home phone fixed! I just get into something and the thing rings. It is a sales person for diabetic supplies or magazines or insurance or something or it is someone looking for my SS or SD#2. UGH!!! It is a CHALLENGE to speak civil to these people. 
Challenge 2: Why can't my DH understand that our two male dogs can not go outside alone? Especially Leeapaul! I got home yesterday and  both the boys were missing b/c he let them out and they "took off." Did he call them or look for them immediately? NO! Lee is now limping more than before so heaven knows what he was doing. They are driving me crazy! It is a CHALLENGE not to get mad at all males in my life.
Challenge 3:  You increase your movement (exercising 5 to 6 days a week for 10 weeks) and decrease caloric intake and you get smaller and healthy. Do I lose weight? NO! It is a real CHALLENGE to keep this level of commitment when nothing happens at the scale!
Challenge 4: Pam is going to the workshop - "Gathering Baskets" by Betsy Chutchian using lots of half-square triangles on Saturday and Glen will be there either Sat. or Monday. This is not a problem b/c I can attend both days. This should be a hoot and fun beyond fun if both are there together. They will either love each other or really dislike each other! LOL Betsy uses pink(ugh), indigo, brown, and poison green. It is a real CHALLENGE to find the right fabric combinations in my stash. 
Challenge 5: I have decided that wonky anything is just not my thing unless it comes with exact directions! It felt like a gremlin played tricks on me. It was a real CHALLENGE not to just send a New York Beauty instead!
Lator, Gators! I am off to conquer my challenges. May the fabric you desire appear in your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. Oh! Bad DH! Bad boy!! Hope leeapaul just overdid himself and didn't tear it up.

    Sorry about the class, I just can't work it out to be able to have a large enough chunk of time. Ann was ready tho, so, maybe we vpcan work out the next one.

    miss you,!