Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall September 19, 2011

Muse left!
I have 3 design walls going right now. The first has DJ's Graduation Quilt which I have not touched in months so it is starting to drop pieces.   Soon I will have to bite the bullet. 

3 votes to 2
       The Second has a top I am planning for my great-grand nephew to be born in January. So far 5 people gave their opinion and 3 voted for no corner stones.Just my 7 year old DGS#11 and DD#1 said they liked the corner stones for a boy's quilt. I like both and think the corner stones change the look totally. I'll work on it sometimes during the week and will go with the majority.
   The Third has my Bee Swap blocks. My husband has claimed that quilt and wants  the name and location of each sender added to the block.  Too much started and too little finished!  
   This week I am helping my DD#2 in her classroom. She is a fantastic teacher but lacks the confidence that experience gives. So far I have helped present science experiments on the last 2 Fridays. It almost makes me want to go back. At least until she asked me to come help with her 6th graders. Ugh, I hated that grade as a child and dislike 6th graders as a whole except for my two grandchildren who are 6th graders. So I will be in her classroom on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.
   Well, time to get moving!
Lator Gators. May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash as you need to fondle or use it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!   


  1. just to throw a monkey wrench into your plans... I like the blocks with the corner stones... but it is also great without. I think it pops more with that bit of green in the sashing. Your daughter is one lucky teacher to have you come in and help. Is she a beginning teacher this year?

  2. I like the blocks without the corner stones but both are neat! I really like the quilt blocks that your husband likes too!

  3. I do like the cornerstones. Gives it more interest. Is this the one you were working one at the workshop.

    Will call tomorrow and BEG for my computer back!!!

    Will text as soon as I know anything abt sat/mon