Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Great Fall Day

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...dogs barking in the evening breeze
i am thinking...exercise tomorrow ugh but I have missed it.
i am thankful for...doctors that care.
i am much I love the quiet times of life.
i am listening to...Lorenzo, Lilli, and Leeapaul snore along with Pape.
i am DH get his liver function back to 48% or better.
i am friends remember that I am there for them and all it takes is a call or text or email.
i am looking forward to...sewing Kats with Glenda and her friends.
one of my favorite things...tickle time(commercials) with Chris and Spirit.

Today has been an alright day. We went to DH's Kidney doctor today. This doctor really cares for his patients but understands that sometimes he has to be stronger than others. DH's kidney function level went from 48% in July to 34% in September. This shows the doctor that DH has NOT been following his advice. The good thing is that he lost about 7 pounds. (I exercise and diet for 3 months and he loses weight eating what he desires. I changed my routines in April b/c my numbers were crazy and his numbers get fantastic while mine stay crazy. Doc says maybe he should treat me instead of DH! LOL)
 After the doctor, DH and I went to the casino for their $5 senior buffet. They have things we should be eating as well as stuff we should stay away from. Both of us ate as healthy as you can eating out.
  Then we came home in time to sit and enjoy the cool breezes under my will-be screen porch. Spirit and Chris came home. Chris did his homework outside under Pape's supervision (napping) while Spirit and I worked on homework inside. After homework and studying were done, we joined them. The dogs played and chased each other while Spirit ran after them and Chris rode the scooter. Finally, Spirit and I went inside to warm supper. Spirit set the table which made her so happy we were using the dining room table for something other than homework. We had carefully prepared wheat spaghetti with turkey meat sauce. The kids and pape had diet soda while I enjoyed a glass of wine with sprite.
  After supper, we sat down and watched tv. Tickle time(commericals) was especially fun. Pape had to go rescue DSD who had ran out of gas for the upteenth time. Around 7pm, DD#4 came and picked up the kids and paid us with an ice cold diet root beer and diet DP. 
  It was a great way to end the day. I took Pape's blood sugar and it was at 114 which is great since it was running 210 all week end.
  Tomorrow I start of the day with the trainer and then QGA work. Then I get to sew! I will be working on the KSQG lotto blocks and the last of the Saint Stars which are coming out better than the first quilt.
  Have a great evening. 
Lator Gators. May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE! 

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  1. What a great day!! Sounds peaceful and serene......well, except for the homework!

    Glad to hear Stelly's numbers are looking better. We always worry, don't we?