Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interesting Morning

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...neighbor fixing his roof.
i am thinking...I need a vacuum packing machine to preserve lettuce and carrots since we eat so much salad and lose so much too .
i am thankful for...being retired and having a slower pace of life.
i am remembering...not to let DH fool with Smithy,the truck.
i am listening to...tin being dropped on the roof and DH coughing.
i am DH get his liver function back to 48% or better.
i am hoping...DH or my mechanic can fix whatever is ailing Smithy.
i am looking forward to...a time when  no one owes me money.
one of my favorite things...naps in the afternoon before Spirit & Chris get here for homework time.

   This morning was interesting. i went to exercise and the trainer didn't show up again. This time the excuse was that his children were sleeping and he was working on his refrigerator. So I exercised by myself for 1hr waiting for him to come. Good thing I didn't have a thing to do this morning except go to the bank and WalMart.
   I got home and had some interesting talks with my daughters. Being a sounding board can sometimes give you insights that no one knows you have. It also helps you plan for the future b/c you will be affected in some manner.
   Then I got the bank deposit ready and we headed for the bank. Smithy, my truck, was acting foolish but I thought it was b/c I was low on gas. DH felt it was the spark plugs which he had fooled with on Wednesday. Well, we made it barely to the bank and then to Auto Zone. There DH changed the spark plug wires (hopefully, he put them in the right order b/c that matters!)  After he changed them, we went to Walmart and DH worked on the truck again. We cruised home at the blazing speed of 45mph. But we made it home.
   Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire find itself in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. You have the most interesting days. I do love your affirmations at the opening of your posts lately. It sets the positive tone for the day! Something I really need to work on.

    Such an inspiration.

    glen: that's why I hang around you so much! LOL

    PS: Frank is forbidden to open the hood of any car I drive