Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday - Great so For

Today's thoughts:
outside my window...Cool nite breezes and crickets singing
i am thinking...life is what you make of it.
i am thankful for...the little things that make me smile.
i am remembering...all the things I have to get done this week.
i am listening to...peace and quiet in my house with Lorenzo snoring.
i am going...to sew tomorrow.
i am hoping...the addition of tomato paste will improve the taste of my chilli.
i am looking forward to...sewing on Friday with Ann and Glenda

one of my favorite things...sitting on the couch with DH and the 3 dogs.

Spirit in her pillowcase dress. It is tied too tightly.
   This morning, I cut and marked the pieces for my swap block. Then we went visit with Ms. Ruby Landry, the 96 yo lady who lived across the street. She had other visitors and I am waiting to hear her comments about them. It should be interesting! 
   On the way home, we stopped by the RV Repair Shop and they told us to bring the RV in. The generator and inside electricity work perfectly, but are not speaking to each other. What I mean is that we have electricity when we plug the motor home in but not when we start up the generator. Once they fix it, we are off to dry camp in Lake Charles and I get to sew while DH bowls. I think I have mentioned before that I love to dry camp --- well, I just love to camp. It is pure sewing time!
   Once we got home, I cooked the meat for the chilli. It was done by the time Sammie(DGD#2) and Nu(DAGS) came to change the oil in the Element. DH and Sammie went to Walmart to get the needed supplies and I drove Nu to work. 
   When I got home, I helped Spirit with her homework and chuckled while listening to DH and Sammie discuss how to change oil and if a "girl" could do it. DH got paid back for those sexists comments when a big wasp stung him on his head. I promptly sprayed the nest and applied ice to his head while Sammie grinned and washed the Element. DGD told DH that a "girl" would know to look for stinging bugs before banging on things!
   Then Billie got there and we left to go exercise. I did the elliptical trainer for 50 minutes (too long for now my knees hurt) while watching Ty build a house in a week. Billie vetoed me when I told her that DH could not have a pineapple shake. She said that he deserved it after being stung. High Blood Sugar level means nothing!
  Finally, I sat down to my chilli and soon realized that I had forgotten to put the tomato paste in the mix. Oh, well, tomorrow I will put it in when I reheat the batch. DH and I watched several Bones programs and then a Fons & Porter.  Now we are sitting and each enjoying their computer. 
  Like I said it has been a great day. Tomorrow I have business to tend to; exercise; sewing on wallets for craft show, and just plain sewing. Also hopefully we will get the RV back with a not to big bill. 
   Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash before you need it. Keeping 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. Good luck with the bowling.

    NO! No shakes for you! (soup nazi from Seinfeld shows, remember him?) We do that impression a lot around here......No! No garbage can for you! NO! No sofa pillow for you! NO! No countertops for you!.....you get my drift.

    Chili is always better with all the ingredents! LOL