Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

outside my window...RAIN DROPS FALLING!
i am should not wait for someone to make you happy. You can do that yourself.
i am thankful for...peaceful days and quiet nights.
i am remembering..
.how lazy I really am!
i am listening that seems to be modern rap.
i am going...exercise tomorrow morning and then to KSQG meeting.
i am hoping...the rain brings cooler weather.
i am looking forward to...sewing on Friday with Ann and Glenda

one of my favorite things...watching Ama play with Spirit, Lorenzo, and Kole. Sometimes you have to wonder who is chasing who.

I got half of what I needed to do done. I put together another row of sashing on the Twisted Sister quilt. Then I made the block for my swap. I like the way it came out. It even came out the correct size which is amazing to me.
   Then DH took me to the local casino for $5 lunch. While we were enjoying our lunch, we remembered that Spirit & Chris got off school early so we ate quickly. Once they got here, we all went take a nap especially Chris.
   Spirit made a F on her science test which upset me b/c she knew that information inside out. I guess it was not a good day for testing her. I was very upset with her. She has a Social Studies test on Christopher Columbus Friday. We are studying even harder. Chris also had a bad week testing! Spirit and I worked on homework and study work until Billie came to take me to gym.
   It started raining not long after I got back from exercising and DH needed to go check on the truck so we packed everyone up and off we went. Seems Smithy needs a new fuel pump which we just changed not 2 months ago. Well, at least it is in warrenty and they gave us a gift certificate for the trouble. 
   We decided to share a Taco Bell $5 box for supper. There is enough for both of us and doesn't do too much damage. LOL
   Tomorrow is exercise early and then the KSQG meeting and preparation for sew day with Ann and Glenda. I am so excited. DH and I will go to BR Friday morn and then stay at DD#1's house for the night. Saturday we travel to NO for GSQA meeting and Sunday is Bowling in Lake Charles. No wonder I get tired!
Lator Gators! 

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  1. I love your thought for today.n that no one can make you happy but yourself. I think that Meg is trying to teach me that.

    Poor spirit, Carrie had problems with test. We had her evaluate and found she was quite intelligent, but needed to concentrate harder. Poor Carrie, it was the very last thing she wanted to do!!

    Good luck spirit and chris!!