Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 47

Added this week: 1.5yards 
Added in November: 1.5 yards 
Added this Year:  112.185 yards
Used this week:  0 yards 
Used in November:  0 yards 
Used in 2011: 150.06yards
Stash Reduced/Enhanced: 37.875 yards
Stash used for last 4 months of year:  21.625 yards 
   I spent 2 days shopping at the International  Quilt Festival in Houston and only bought 1.5 yards of fabric.  I took home lots of tools and patterns.  My major purchase this year was a bag for my Babylock Ellageo. Embroidery takes lots of planning since most computers don't have floppy drives. It is good to do lettering etc however. It became my very large and heavy carry machine that sews like a dream.
  This week I will be working on the stars for the commissioned quilt and the binding of the KSQG lotto quilt which means  a large gain in fabric used FINALLY! The KSQG quilt is going to be a graduation quilt for one of my 'adopted' grandchildren. She adopted me and I was agreeable to it. LOL
   This Wednesday Leeapaul goes back to the vet in BR to see about his leg and hopefully it is healing properly now. Thursday I have exercise at 7:30, a guild meeting at noon, and DGD#2's choir performance in evening. Oh, and homework with Spirit and Chris in afternoon. Very busy day!
  Life is always busy and full.  If it weren't, I would probably give in to Art Rightis and Hashamoetoe. Just take my meds,  hurt, and stay depressed would be my life. God sure knows what He is doing although sometime it gets hectic.
   Lator Gators! I am off to make stars and put scores on them. May the fabric you desire find its way into your stash before you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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