Sunday, November 13, 2011

Added this week: yards 
Added in November: 1.5 yards 
Added this Year:  112.185 yards
Used this week: 13.75 yards 
Used in November:  13.75 yards 
Used in 2011: 163.81yards
Stash Reduced/Enhanced: 51.625 yards
Stash used for last 4 months of year:  35.375 yards 
I finished the KSQG lotto quilt and it has been claimed by my dear adopted(she adopted me) grand- daughter, Jerri, as her graduation quilt.  i counted the fabric and blocks when I won them in June so I am counting them as going out. The backing material was counted the first year I did the stash report so it got counted too. It felt so good to have an used amount that went over the amount I planed to use before the end of the year. Now when my DD#1 get finished quilting the Twisted Sisters quilt for my slightly twisted sister...can't be a Whipp without being slightly twisted...I will have another big 'used' and I am working on binding the small quilt my DD#1 put together for my hubby. It was a joint effort...I did the Dresden plate part and she made it into a quilt. Smart woman!
Well off to watch the Saints do their thing...which is hopefully win against Altanta but as long as they play well, I am ok.
Lator Gators~May all the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. I bet she will love her new quilt.

  2. Sounds like you got some good finishes in this week. I have just been sick.....

    Are you coming in Wed or Thursday to Baton Rouge. I am hoping to get to see you this time.

    We have the trial for the CAAWS Dumped Dogs on Wed, so I hope it is thursday........yes?

    glen: missing you!