Friday, December 16, 2011

Accentuating the Good...

and ignoring the bad! It has been a hectic three days. I had just pulled up into my driveway from an exhausting workout, when my cell rang. It was my second daughter. "Mom, come get me now, please." I began to panic immediately...after all she is 38 and a fantastically dedicated teacher. I backed out and off I went to get her. After about 5 minutes into the 20 minute drive, she called again asking if I were coming. Then I really began to panic!
  I got to her school and she tells me we need to travel to Lafayette to the hospital b/c she needs to get blood immediately. She had gone to the doctor the day before and had blood work done...she had a blood count of 4.6. I still don't know what that actually means except that it made her doctor and his nurses get frantic. She spent the night in the hospital and received 4 pints of blood. The doctor there teased and said she came in 1/8th full and now had a quarter tank which was acceptable. All I know is that it was NOT the way I had planned to spend 15 hours of my life.
   I picked her up at the hospital Friday morning and all she could talk about was going to school for her "kids." I took her to the school to pick up her car and keys. You know we were both panicking to leave her id behind. Then she drove home to rest.
  Finding the good...DD#2 has some wonderful backup at her school who took care of her and will continue to take care of her. My DH took care of Spirit and Chris for 3 afternoons doing homework etc without complaining. He stayed without a car for 3 days and made the best of it. My camper went traveling since it was his only mode of transportation. More DGD#2 kept a level head and didn't panic like we were or get mad. She tended to the business of finals with only one minor fuss at fate. lol
  After being sure that DD#2 was on her way safely home, I drove to Maurepas to meet DD#1 so we could attend the Krewe of Quilters Christmas party. I was only 3 hours behind schedule! The road was clear and the speed limit wasn't obeyed. I arrived in time to help wrap DD#1's presents and admire the "Frog" quilt's quilting. DD#1 did an amazing job with her home machine on a frame. She kept saying it is a "20/20" quilt...looks good if you look at it from 20 feet for 20 seconds. As far as I am concerned, it was wondrous with all the custom quilting she did on each block.
  My tiger ironing purse and tiger x-block table runner were graciously received by Beth. In fact several of the members want the pattern name so they can make one too. 
   My secret sister gave me the best present! A wreath for my door where it is hanging right now. 
    As a door prize, I won a mug rug, a thread paint ornament, a 2 year calendar, and 2 Ricky Tims patterns signed by him.  Then i got a UFO note pad to boot. Finally, DD#1 paid for my supper and gave me the snowman candle lamp she won. How's that for GOOD! 
I spent the night at DD#1's house and this morning started home. But decided that I needed hugs from Glenda. We had planned on meeting on Thursday for lunch but it didn't happen. So I called and she gave me directions. We had the most delightful visit and I got to meet Chloe and DiNozzo. 
   We exchanged tokens of friendship...she gave me a Q.S.M.A.S.B.C. (Quilter's Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Calendar) which is absolutely hysterical. Now if that doesn't make all the bad dissolve then nothing will! I am truly a blessed lady to have her for a friend.
   As for her sewing room, well, she has a lot of stuff in a small room. Creative people are not neat usually and she is most definitely creative. There were quilts in every room I visited and more than one. I do agree with her that liquor needs to be applied to relieve the stress. But doubt that either of us will apply very much! We talk a good drunk.
  Then I traveled home to DH. While driving, DGD#1 texted me with the message: MaCe hurry home. Pape misses you so much that he is buying inappropriate stuff on the internet.  I giggled all the way home. Spirit and Chris came back from school not long after I arrived home and I think they let me take a long nap while they watch some kid program. 
  Tonight, I plan to go out with DH and then crash. Hopefully tomorrow I will get back into the sewing studio and complete some Christmas presents. The plan is to embroider one design on Saints 2 and then one towel or pillowcase. We shall see how it goes!
  Sunday is DH's travel bowling league and we are going to Alexandria hopefully in the camper so I can sew some. Then next week, I will bring the Ellegante to the doctor in BR. That didn't get done yet!
See there is more good than bad going on if you look!
   Lator Gators! Remember to look for the good to offset the bad. 

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  1. And I so love seeing you. I certainly needed a circle fix!!!!!

    Thanks for everything.