Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Week 50 12/12/2011

My design walls are still  the same! One is DJ's graduation quilt which one day I will get the courage to finish and the other has Saint Stars 2.
bins for strips and scraps for dog pillows
I am in the process of putting the designs on the center of SS2 with the Ellisimo. Because the Ellegante is broke, I am cutting scraps as it works. Inbetween visits with trainer, doctor, and cleaning house not to mention chasing Lorenzo around the neighborhood that is. 
Well, back to work!
Lator Gators!


  1. Still looks good not the walls!
    Go Lorenzo go! Sounds like a book title...... Maybe a new career?


  2. Huh? That spellcheck thing....still looks good ON the walls!