Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 51 1/2 December 25, 2011

  I will finish my stash report year reports on December 31st since 2012 starts on a Sunday. Hopefully, I won't be tempted to buy anything next week and will finish something...wishing to finish Saint Stars 2 or binding on Live,Learn, Laugh, Love. I also need to make pillowcases for our bed. I am also working on a secret project for DD#1 and her hubby too. Hopefully that will go well.
Stash Added this Week:  0 yards
Stash Added in December: 15 yards
Stash Added YTD:  135.065 yards
Stash Used this Week: 2.5 yards (2 pillowcases)
Stash Used in December: 9.25 yards
Stash Used YTD: 173.56 yards
Stash Enhancement: 38.495 yards
Challenge for last Quarter of year: 45.125 yards 
     I have entered the 21st Century - My Christmas present from my DH was a slightly used iPad ( I wanted one and my DGS#2 was selling. DD#2 hooked DH and DGS up and the rest is history.  I have already read 2 books and played lots of games. It was also very helpful entertaining Spirit on Thursday. It may not be the newest version and doesn't have a camera but the price was right and it is big enough for my old eyes to read. I am finding more and more that it can do each day. .
  I cooked for Christmas which is a rarity b/c holidays and I just don't go well together. The disappointed faces b/c someone didn't get the expensive present they wanted; seeing my homemade, time consuming gifts thrown in the corner; the rush rush rush of getting everything ready and being one of the few who appreciate all the work and expense it took to get dinner ready. But I figured what the heck DGD#1 wanted an at-home-Christmas so it was part of our gift to her.
  Saturday, I went on a cleaning binge in the kitchen and dining room. I even managed to de-clutter the living room except for DH's side table. This morning I mopped the whole house and found a box for the table clutter. At 11am, I will finish cooking the green bean casserole, heat the ham & roast, and set the table for 8 and set up the kitchen table for 3. Eleven people and not all my children w/family or DH's are coming for lunch. That would be 15 more. I still think it would be better to go to their houses for Christmas! 
   Hopefully, Monday will see me tackling the den aka the junk room. That really needs to be done since my Phaff is coming back with the frame and I need a place to set it up and the hand quilting frame too. The laundry room needs cleaning too but it will be last as usual. It will become the new junk room.       
   The plan is to move sewing room into den and then move DGD#1 into the larger room. After her stuff has been arranged in one closet, we will move the girls' stuff into the other closet. We will also put a twin bed alongside with her bed. That will give other guests(especially Spirit) a place to stay while DGD#1 things are hidden. 
   I will set up my sewing machine  and fabric stash in smaller  room. In the den, we will set up the Phaff and hopefully a second twin bed as a day bed/sofa.This will give DGD#2 a place to crash when she wants to visit. All this moving and cleaning etc may take 6 months but it will all get done...I hope...unless DH decided to complete the back studio so I can move there. Honestly, I am hoping that all my cleaning will put a spur to him to get it done.
   Well, I am off to ....I forgot!
Lator, Tigers! May your year end peacefully.

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  1. It looks to me like you used more than you bought? That;s good!! glad you did get to cook and enjoy your day. Good luck cleaning!