Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

 Merry Christmas to you!   
   DH is a 'collector' or a "hoarder" so every nook and cranny is stuffed with 'could be used' stuff. The counter tops, table, and all flat surfaces in our home are covered with piles of 'stuff'.  I am throwing away as I clean the kitchen (I refuse to cook in a cluttered kitchen! Oh, wait, maybe I should rethink this cleaning and throwing b/c uncluttered kitchen = more So far I have 3 very full bags of 'stuff' to put in the cans outside and haven't finished the kitchen yet. 
Dog food bags did come in handy!
  DH, in a weak moment, never should have told me to throw it if I didn't want it or didn't know what it was for! Well, I am in a 'throw away' mood so I will continue with the dinning room and living room and if my energy keeps up, the den and bottom kitchen cabinets. DH sleeps late (noon or later) so I should be finished the kitchen & living room when he rouses himself from bed. I am in such a throw away mood that I threw Leeapaul and Lorenzo in the back yard with Ama.   DH had better watch out b/c he may get 'thrown out' too.LMAO If this mood continues after the 25th, the trash will be huge!
Almost ready!
  I prefer to visit my daughters at their homes for Christmas leaving the expense and work of cooking & cleaning before & after to them! I get to visit with my grandchildren etc. with no stress which is the perk of being known as a "reluctant" cook. But this year we are staying & cooking here. Our children, grandchildren, & friends have been invited to come eat and bring a dessert.
Well break time is over! Lator Gators! May your Christmas be STRESS FREE.

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  1. Oh wow!! Kitchen is looking fabulous! I think I need you at my house for a few days. Or I should go to your house while it is still clean and uncluttered.

    Merry Xmas to your family. Have a day filled with no yelling, or temper tantrums. May it be filled with only smiles and loves.

    Love ya, glen