Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UFO List for 2012

Sorry! Having problems with getting blogger to do what I want.
1) Saints Stars 2 - All blocks are done! Embroidery needs to be completed. Then it will be quilt-as-you-go and bound.
2) Faux Wedding Ring - QAYG that will be a bed scraf.
3) CA#3 - All blocks are made, but top put together incorrectly. It needs to be unsewn and resewn. Then quilted and bound.
4) Tumblers - Top is almost done. It needs more rows ( have to use Go to cut more tumblers) and to be quilted and bound. It is due in May for graduation.
5) Orange Tom Cat - It needs a face and embellishment. Then bound.
6) CA#2 - All blocks made. It needs to be put together and bound.
7) Halloween Graduation Quilt - all fabric has been collected. Octagon template bought. It will be put together using log cabin construction. It has to be done for May, 2012.
8) Paper-pieced Cats - First cat body has been pieced and 1 tail. This one may be a two year UFO.
9) Log Cabin Squares - Top made (by someone else). It needs backing, quilting, and binding. It will become a charity quilt for either QGA or KofQ.
10) Soccer Beauty - It is ready for me to quilt it using qayg method.
11) Round Robin Quilt - top finished; needs backing; quilting; and binding.
12) Twisted Sister - The top is made and at the quilter's. It will need to be bound.

PIGS List:
Xavier's Puffed X's and O's - needs to have puffs closed and backing applied.
Message Center - needs letters, backing, and binding w/hanging sleeve
Mr. Mike's Jacket - back done. 

Batik Leaves - All the leaves are done. Sashing needs to be found. Then top needs to be pieced, quilted, and bound.
Paradigm Shif- All blocks done but need to be squared and put together, quilted, and bound. 
Cinnamon Baskets - 1 block done.
BOM Stars - first 4 months done. It will go in the camper to become a second travel project.
Mystery Quilt from Hell - working on step 5 of 12. In the camper as travel project.
Antique Kats - 2 blocks made.

The plan is to work on the Saints Stars 3 in January while working on Tumblers and Soccer Beauty. Then in February, work on Halloween Graduation Quilt.  These 4 need to be completed ASAP
  The number that Judy L picks will be hopefully done in-between the others and is an easy one to do. 
But you know what happens to the best laid plans of men and mice!
Lator Tigers! I am off to complete Christmas presents.


  1. How brave of you to list your PIGS too! I'll be happy if I can make progress on the UFOs, even tho I'd rather be working on future UFOs -- I mean, new projects :-)

  2. Yes, I know what you mean about the best laid plans! But at least you have a plan. LOL!! Right? You can do it!

  3. Good luck! I am wishing you luck -- especially for the first 6 months of the year.

    I will have my list accentuated and up soon.......so you can laugh at me once again in december when I still have the same ones on the list once agin.


  4. Having a plan is the first step, or so they say. LOL - Good luck with your plan, I bet you can do it!

  5. Very ambitious list! Good luck with your projects in 2012!

  6. Great list! Good luck with your projects next year and finishing up those Christmas presents!

  7. Ok, what are PIGS? Great list - hope you have lots of fun!