Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Wall 1/9/12

So far so good! 
  DH is recovering really quickly without much pain. I am back to my exercise and have now lost a total of 9 pounds (5 in the last 2 weeks). I got to work in my studio for a little bit yesterday. I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to do but with the added housekeeping, cooking, and nursing duties that is to be expected.
  DH is a night owl and so is DGD#1 but I am a morning person. DH has kept me up until 3am every day since Tuesday last week. I get up between 6 & 7 every morning and don't go back to bed until time to sleep for night. DH on the other hand sleeps till noon and then cat naps all day so by midnight he is raring to go. This was ok when he could drive and move by himself but now I can't be out of his sight or he calls for me if he isn't sleeping. 
  I went to the trainer today and he worked me until I sweated buckshot. He said that it would help get my mind and body back on the same track by releasing tension and stress. My problems are speed up by stress and right now they are flaring up strong. I know it will all get better but Honestly, I am exhausted.
  On my design wall are Saints 2 and my iPad purse with Maxine. I hope to get the purse done today and get started on the quilting of SS2.
  Well, everyone here is sleeping but Lorenzo, Lilly, Ama, and myself. If Lorenzo and Lilly could help do dishes, pick up, sweep, or mop, it would be wonderful b/c it has to be done before DH gets up or he will try.
Lator Tigers! Keep making lemonade from life's lemons.

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  1. Glad to hear he is improving. And your saints 2 is comeing along beautifully. All my dogs do is mess things up, well, not Chloe -- she is the good girl......