Monday, January 2, 2012

First Design Wall of 2012

Soccer Beauty aka DJ's Graduation Quilt
Saint Stars center
My design walls have the usual on them: Saint Stars 2 and Soccer Beauty waiting for me to bite the bullet and start quilting.    Also Judy L.  UFO #5 -O Tom CAT.
I love Maxine!
Today's plans are to spray adhesive the backs to both quilts. Then I will finish Christmas projects for oldest daughter and her family. Also I will iron on fusible fleece and stabilizer to the parts of the iPad carrier I am making. The colors are bright...very bright. It started as a gift for DD#1 but it is almost too bright for her. I may have to keep it and make her a more subdued one. LOL  Besides Maxine does not fit her but the suited woman does. We shall see!
I am off to exercise. Another thing I have to do today is convince my DH and DGD#1 that we did NOT hire a maid over the holidays. I knew cleaning up before Christmas was a mistake.
Lator Tigers! May 2012 be an exciting year of mistakes, learning, and lots of projects completed.


  1. Wow -- you've sure got a lot on your proverbial quilting plate! Where did you find the pattern for the iPad cover? Or did you just make one up? And YES!! Here's to a great 2012! :)

  2. Lots of wonderful projects and the suited woman block is so cute! Wouldn't it be nice to have a maid!!!!

  3. You as always have a lot of great projects going on. Happy sewing.

  4. Love the Maxine for your iPad cover. I have some of that and I may just "borrow" your idea. I also love your Beauty. I would love to make one but it sure looks like a lot of work.