Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bad Over-weighing Good

This week has been rough! Full of lemons and I am having trouble finding the sugar to make lemonade.
   Monday, I had a verbal fight with my trainer over minor things like his lateness etc. I wasn't feeling well and everything set me off. He just got an earful that really wasn't that important.
   Tuesday, we went pay taxes, got something to eat and then went to gym for DH appointment with his trainer. I still wasn't feeling well so I went sit in car comfortably. About 20 minutes later an ambulance shows up and I get a call, DH had passed out and was being brought to hospital.We spent Tuesday night in the hospital being woken up every 2 hours. Don't go to the hospital to rest...sick people don't get to rest. 
  Wednesday we spent the day in the hospital. DH has had these spells before but by the time the doctors get to him nothing shows as wrong just like this time. But thanks to the quick thinking of the people at the gym the EMT's were there within 5 minutes of his episode so there was evidence of a heart irregularity - the only sign! Doctors think that his heart starts pumping too slow for undetermined reasons.
   Then we went at 7pm to Walmart to get meds for the night. There my bladder decided to release with no warning so DH had to go in to get his meds himself. While inside, he lost his wallet with everything in it as he paid for the meds in the front of the store. They found it sans the cash in the back of the store.
  Today we go at 11am for a chemical stress test to see if there is blockage or the visa visa thing. Personally, I think that it is the visa visa thing brought on by long term use of a certain medication prescribed by the quack who thinks that 500 is borderline diabetic. They changed the medication thankfully. So today we find out if he has surgery, gets a pace maker, or if just changing the medication will be enough. 
Waiting not so patiently for mom and dad!
  Like I said in the beginning- lots of lemons. I know lots of good (sugar) has happen: 1) quickness of first responders; 2) catching of problem; 3) not life threatening; 4) finding of wallet; 5) DGD#1 here to take care of our children and grandchildren 2 and 4 legged. Yet it is not enough to make a good lemonade --still too sour.
Well, I am off to get dressed and ready for another day of stress. I am praying for sugar - lots of sugar.
Lator Tigers!


  1. Sorry to hear about all of your sad mishaps. Sometimes the bad happens just so that we can appreciate the good. Maybe you need a few minutes petting some of your fabric stash? =)

    Best of wishes to better things ahead!


  2. I miss a day or so of posts and this happens!