Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Lemons and More to Follow!

  DH and I spent from 11:20am to 4:55 pm in the doctors office today. It was decided that tomorrow a pacemaker will be put in place to help his heart beat normally. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Good news (sugar) is that it was not a heart attack, stroke, or blockage. Bad news (lemons) is that DH will be unable to bowl or exercise until end of January or February. What am I going to do with a hurting inactive DH.
  They are doing the surgery this Friday morning early and we will be at the hospital until Saturday evening. Lemons all around. Well, at least my honey pot will be fixed hopefully and there will be no more episodes like the last two where his heart slowed almost to stop. 
  I know that it will be alright b/c if God were ready for him, then he would not have survived Tuesday. Hopefully, I will have quiet time w/o others around to collect my feelings and start finding the sugar that is hidden among the lemons. I can tell you that sour lemonade isn't too bad b/c it makes you appreciate the sweetness.
I am off to bed...4am comes early.
Lator Tigers. 

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