Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Lemons

...so I am trying to squeeze them and make a lemon pie with a side of lemonade. After all the hidden stress in December & January, my body decided to attack me with so much pain that I took myself to the doctor which immediately shocked him and my family. Protesting all the way, I go to his office twice a year for blood work.

     He gave me meds and told me to get lots of bed rest and drink lots of water. Not easy to rest in bed if you are always jumping up to go to bathroom. LMAO and PPMAO
   So in-between fever bouts and damp hot compresses, I am trying to machine sew binding to my sister's quilt. Then later I will be able to follow doctor's orders somewhat by sitting on couch and sew the binding.
    Only problem is my darling husband can't cook so I am trying to find food that is easy to fix. He tried to feed me chicken broth from a can undiluted. After 15 years you would think that he knew that I don't touch chicken broth or soup. Now he's trying to make vegetable beef soup which will be interesting since he didn't check to see  if we had vegetables. Poor man he is trying! At 3pm, I finally hobbled to the kitchen and opened a can of carrots. 
    DD#1 is now program chair for our guild. She has convinced me to do 2 short programs this year on labels starting from making own printable fabric to using Word to make the label with pictures of the quilt. What I wanted to do was a catheral window demo-a bit harder to prepare for but fun. 
 Lator Gators! Keep squeezing life lemons and make pie or lemonade.

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  1. ohhhh! I am soo sorry you are not well. YOu need a happy day! I sure hope you get food and get better. Food, LOL.