Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Finish

Twisted Sister
...of 2012 for my 'little' sister made by me, her "twisted sister", and quilted by her godchild, DD#1 with a special message. Now she can use it to cuddle with her grandsons or her granddaughter. The back is browns with pink for Sophia and the front is in teals,creams, and browns for the 2 boys.
All I have left to do is create my label which entails me having to buy a new printer. Ugh!!! Mine decided to not print in color even with a new color thingy. 
   I signed up for a class with Sue Nickels entitled Machine Quilting for Today's Quilts on Monday, February 27. I also signed up for a bargello class in  Krotz Springs but don't remember the date. Busy Busy Busy making more UFOs.
  Well, I am off to make swap blocks.
Lator, Gators! Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons!

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