Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Report Sunday January 22, 2012

Fabric Added this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added in January: 0 yards
Fabric Added YTD0 yards
Fabric Used this week: 5 yards (DD#1 came and raided my stash with DH's blessings I truly believe it was more like 7 or 8 since I saw yardage being slipped in.LOL)
Fabric Used in January: 7 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 7yards
Stash Enhancement/Reduction7 yards
Projects finished YTD: 1
UFOs finished YTD: 1/2 (all Twisted sister needs is a labe lto be counted as finished)

     Life is still throwing lemons at me but I am finding more than enough sweetener to make great Lemonade. 
     We spent the weekend in Lake Charles bowling. I say 'we' b/c DH bowled harder than I did even though he didn't pick up a ball. Saturday, my scores were so poor that I wanted to give up but DH took the opportunity to teach me a sweet new style which helped my scores. Today, I made my average which was sweet, sweet
   The oozing is continuing but that is suppose to be good and none are hurting like they did early in the week. Now they are itching! That also is a sign of healing, I hope.
    Lator Gators! Squeeze life's lemons and make great Lemonade.

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  1. good job on the healing and the bowling! LOL

    I can't imagine Carrie comeing and raiding my stash, maybe one day though. She raids everything else. I can't keep tupperware containers in here.

    And when she finishes with them, she tosses them! I get so mad!

    glen: looking for a better week for you