Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Wall February 6, 2012

  Last night, DH and I went to the Tailgate party at the casino where we each won $250 (retreat funds) and ate a great supper of chicken and red beans & rice. We had a great time watching people, commercials, and at times the game.    
    I am trying out eyes for Orange Tom Cat. He was January's UFO #5 but instead I did UFO #12 Twisted Sister. I think this is the face I am going with. He stayed a UFO for so long b/c of this face, the bottom mouse/hole, and ball on top.
   Yesterday, I started working on the Shop Hop Blocks from the August 2011 Hop. The first block was a big disappointment b/c of a lack of fabric. The shop did not put their name on the block so I have no idea where to complain. (Although I have narrowed it to 3 shops all hours away from my home.)  I worked on a second block and it came out beautifully. 
   This afternoon at 1pm, I am going help DD#2 with a science lesson for her 4th graders. Hands-on Science is a big step for her since she still wants her little ducks swimming in straight uniform lines in assigned ponds. 4th grade ducks fly everywhere and sometimes refuse to swim!      
Nosy Lorenzo
   Can you see where all this is going? Yep, anything to not put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES and start quilting Saint Stars 2! Even Lorenzo knows and is trying to help me avoid quilting.  He stands on the wrist rest when Glenda's blog is on the screen especially when it features DiNozzo, his idol, and trys to type in dog code hoping one day they will get into trouble together. Silly puppy, spoiled puppy!   Lator Gators! Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons!


  1. I have never started on my Blog Hop Blocks, I went and found mine after seeing yours. LOL

  2. Are those cat's eyes going to be appliqued on? Try them a little closer together.