Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flat Tires & Courage Found

   Yesterday, I went help my daughter with a science lesson. which was quite a bit of fun for me and nerve racking for her! On the way home, I got a flat tire. That is no problem since changing a flat was one thing my father insisted I know at an early age. I pulled over, got the spare, jack, tire iron, and instructions out. BUT someone had removed the jack handle which was a necessary piece of equipment and replaced it with a ratchet and a very big screw driver. Neither of which I understood. So I called DH for advice. Since we have only 1 vehicle at this time (he 'fixed' my truck and it won't run now), he got the grandchildren and the runaway Lorenzo in the camper and came. Christopher, DGS, followed his directions and changed the tire with those replacement items. He did it very quickly and very nicely. Then we drove the car home and went to bowling in the camper. Life is such an adventure!  
   Since Sunday, I have been trying to get time to put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES (an inside joke between my girls and I) and start quilting Saint Stars 2. It was the same with Saint Stars 1...the starting was the hardest part.  Something my dear husband said to a friend of ours yesterday hit home..."our generation has a limited number of days to be on this earth and that we had better make good use of each and every day." Recently there have been quite a few deaths in our circle of friends and family which got him to thinking about how we put things off for later. 
  Well, this morning, I was successful with the putting on of the panties and started quilting that quilt. It's not so bad really!
Lator Gators, I am off to quilt some more. Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons.

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  1. Wow! A flat tire! Such an adventure. That is why I have AAA. I don't have to call Frank and listen to him complain. The AAA guy is always pleasant and smiling and sometimes really really good looking......but I digress.

    The sentiment is true. I love that guy!

    glen: off to count how mny yards arrived in the mail today......gulp.....it was a great sale....does that count?