Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Good Day turned Sad!

   I got to sew today on the backing of my Tumbler quilt, spend time with my DH, and play awhile. It was a good day...
   Then the news was given to my DH who told it to me. The dear old lady who lived across the street died early today. She had a long life at 94+ and has been ready to reestablish in heaven for a few years especially when she had to move into a nursing home due to ill health and falling problems.
  Mrs. Ruby Landry was one of a kind. If she liked you, the whole neighborhood was convinced to like you and if she didn't, well, easiest to move somewhere else.  She accepted his family in 1980 at a time when it was a segregated community and his family was of the 'wrong' color. She accepted me in 1997 when mixed couples were not the norm. She liked me alot and my husband even more; so no one was allowed to speak ill of us. 
   I liked her even more. When my mom died, she listened to my troubles and woes and joys with equal attention. She listened to all the trials and tribulations I went thru trying to blend two adult families of different races and beliefs. She didn't judge or scold except that I don't visit enough and I didn't. I am not a people person and like solitude.   
  Her grandson was on his way here from Georgia hoping to see her but was 100 miles away when she passed. I was hoping that she wouldn't be buried until Friday or Saturday but he has to get back so they are burying her Thursday. I had already promised DD#1 to help drive her to Houston at 5:30 am Wednesday so won't make the funeral. 
  I am ok with this b/c I don't usually go to funerals. In fact the joke is that I will miss my own if at all possible...I will since I plan on being cremated and have my DGD#2 put an empty vase for viewing. 
  Actually I said my good-byes, when she moved from her home to the nursing home b/c she told me she would not make it to her next b-day. We went see her each week until DH went into the hospital.  The graveyard is within walking/yelling distance from my house so I can walk and visit her when ever the mood hits.
Lator Gators! Thanks for letting me grieve out loud. This is all lemons but Mrs. Ruby would find sugar to make it into lemon pie or lemonade.


  1. Miss Ruby sounds like a wonderful friend. You were lucky to have known he and she was lucky to have known you. The passing from this world sometimes leaves those of us behind saddened by the loss. But true friendship never really ends.

    Do something in Miss Ruby's honor.

    circle, my friend. I am sorry for your loss


  2. My condolences to you all on the loss of such a wonderful lady and dear friend. Sounds like Mrs. Ruby blessed a lot of folks in her lifetime, a life well lived.
    It is hard to say the final goodbye no matter the long or short years of age.