Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Interesting Week

...Yes, indeed! 
    Monday, we traveled to Maurapas to see DD#1's new studio and help her make flaps for her Bailey machine. It did not go as planned but her studio is great.
   Tuesday,  we learned that Mrs. Ruby Landry, our long time neighbor died and would be buried on Thursday. This news hit us both very hard. She will be missed! Then DGS#8's team lost by 3 points and are out of the playoffs.
   Wednesday, we got up at 4am to drive to meet DD#1 to drive to Houston. I got to drive DD#1's BIG truck which was lots of fun and made me want a truck even more. DD#1 went to work and I went to trimming and de-papering 170+ half square triangles. Slow tedious work but it is done! Next I have to iron the seams open. Then these will be made into a baby quilt for a friend. They were from the signature blocks we made for her wedding. That evening we registered in the hotel and then went find a JoAnn's that was suppose to be 14 minutes away. 45 minutes later we were there but they didn't have what we were really looking for. DD#1 came out with quite an addition to her stash. I thought I had the bug but she has it worse! I came out with a seam ripper and tracing pens.
   Thursday, DD#1 went to work in the morning and I stayed and finished pulling paper. Then I worked on sewing drunkard path blocks I had cut with the GO!. Easy Easy sewing, but I never did think that drunkard's path was hard. Next I will work on the 3 1/2" drunkard's path. Those will be harder I think! At 11:45am, DD#1 picked me up from the hotel and we went back to her work. I read blogs and 'colored' blocks while she was in frustrating meetings with her bosses and some idiots that think being male with a college degree makes you smarter than any woman. Really not a good idea ever but especially not around that woman. Then at 4pm we began our drive home-first to my drop off point and then for her another 170+ miles. When I got home, I had a package from Ireland. I love this block b/c it takes the Box Square up a step with the friendship star in the center. Those fat quarters are fantastic.
Agnes' block and fat quarters
   Friday, DH and I spent the day grocery shopping and cleaning. It was a restful day! At 4:30pm, I helped Christopher, DGS#10 with research on Dr. Charles Drew. Then DH and I went to the gym to exercise. He worked with his trainer and I with Billie. We were both tired when we were finished. Afterwards we went home and ate the second half to our tuna subs from lunch. At 8pm, I was under my grandma's quilt watching tv.
   Today, Lorenzo woke me up early (5:45am) and I have been busy ever since. Tonight at 8:30pm, DH is bowling in BR for the National Bowling Tournament so we won't be home until after 1am. 
   Sunday, he bowls at 11am. Fun Fun in a freezer but he loves it.
   Well, like I said, it has been an interesting week.
Lator Gators! Keep making lemonade from life's lemons.


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  1. Good luck! I hope to see you tonight.

    Wow! Not only interesting but very very busy. All I did was Ellies!