Friday, February 17, 2012

I did it! All by Myself.

     The overpriced flip flop fabric came in yesterday as we were leaving for BR. It matched the one I had perfectly so this morning I cut and pieced the border that was missing. I decided to make true mitered corners although usually I make fake ones by sewing two squares together into a half square triangle. 
   A flat mitered corner! It is amazing what I can do when I put on my "big girl panties" as my daughters say. I have enough of the grey and flip flop fabric to make a pillowcase too. You can bet I will use every bit of that $17 yard especially since most of the quilt was made from scraps or stashed fat quarters.
   Last night I did a guild presentation on making your own printable fabric using 'Bubble Jet' at $16 a bottle and how to make a "Faux Bubble Jet" using Washing Soda, Alum, Fabric Softener, and very hot water which cost about $13 initially, but make many batches and supplies have household uses too.
    These sheets can be used to make backgrounds for embroidery, labels, or pictures.  Yes, the printing will wash away eventually but so do the 'store bought' ones. 6 of one or half a dozen of the other. LOL 
   I am a big supporter of quilters putting some type of label on every thing they make.  In fact I support labeling of all crafts and pictures. Just don't label children or people!
    Labels give a quilt a sense of ownership, pride, and history. With quilts being stolen, labels should, if at all possible, be part of the quilt back not an add-on which could be taken off. 
    My first quilt, no label, was claimed by another family member who thought it was made by my mom who used it when she would go into the hospital including her final visit. My second quilt was returned to me after my aunt died since it had a label. Both of these are special to me b/c of the strong women who used them until their deaths. 
   Saturday I am having a Sew Day with my BFF Pam. Since my 5 day mom & daughter retreat has been cancelled due to b-ball games - bowling & basketball, this is a real treat.
Lator, Gators! I am off to sew more mitered corners and quilt a bit on Saint Stars 2.
 Keep making Lemonade from Life's lemons.


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