Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday Feb. 13, 2012

   My design wall is still stagnant. I have started quilting Saint Stars 2 and it is looking good. It is simple straight line stitching except for these. I quilt on it for 30 minutes and then work on something else for an hour like Tom Cat's face or SHB or Tumblers or house chores.
    DGS#11 helped me cut tumbler blocks on the Go while recuperating from a mysterious rash.  He was amazed that they came out so perfectly. He cut enough for 2 quilts b/c he was having so much fun! He made lots of scraps and used lots of fabric out of the "why oh why did I buy that!" bin.
   I had to stop working on Tumblers, because of a miscalculation causing me to be short by 2 4 1/2 by WOF strips of border fabric. Since I had my BIG GIRL PANTIES on from quilting on Saint Stars 2, I went to the internet, found more of the Debi Hron black flip flops, and bought it. The shipping was more than the fabric! When the fabric comes in, I will finish that top, but in the meantime, I will work on piecing the back, all from the stash, of course.
   I am beginning to wonder who owns who. Lorenzo determines my wake up time, my bedtime, uses me as a pillow when he needs a nap, types when I am blogging, and demands rides. He thinks he is the owner and I am the pet! I am beginning to believe that too! DH just laughs at us but he is getting pulled in by that cute face too.
Lator Gators! Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons.


  1. The fleur de lis looks wonderful. I used that image on a quilt for my daughter last year--so elegant and simple. What fun your grandson had! Hope he's gotten over his rash.

    Pets like training owners, don't they!

  2. How great to have a helper with all that cutting, especially when he's having so much fun doing it! Love the fleur de lis quilting on the corners. Very pretty! :o)

  3. Not only a go cutter but a go cutter operator who looks highly competent! Lucky you. I'll never make a tumbler unless I have a go and I don't particularly want one. Your machine quilting looks great.