Thursday, March 8, 2012

mmmm Must be sick...

because I called the doctor and asked for an appointment and I don't do that normally. I avoid the doctor as much as I can using herbs and minerals to sooth my illnesses. But my head hurts and am sick to stomach and I hurt in other regions enough to make me uncomfortable whether I sit, stand, or lay down. I woke up at 5am; was out of bed by 5:30am which is very early even with Lorenzo as my alarm clock. I took Excedrin which usually eases my pains so I can fall asleep, but still couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep.
  Fixed a large cup of coffee and sewed on the graduation quilt that Samantha planned when Simply Quilts was on the TV and has collected a large container of fabric for me to use to make it. Yards and yards and yards of fabric all Halloween themed! 
   Not the normal spider web quilt with smaller webs, oh no! Not the one shown on Simply Quilts either since she wants it to fit on a double bed not as a wall hanging. Oh, and it must have attached yo-yo spiders of various sizes just like the one on Simply Quilts.
   Yep, it is a spider web octagon done log cabin style with black batting. I am doing it semi-qayg - using the batting as stabilizer. Then I will add backing (more Halloween fabric) and quilt diagonal lines in a silver thread.
    It is going faster (already 28" across) than I thought it would and it is fun to do even with a monster headache. I just might finish this one on time too. Just may not have the yo-yo spiders ready in time!
   Lator Gators! Off to the Doctor.
Keep making lemonade from life's lemons!

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  1. Ohhhhh! How exciting, the spider quilt! But bad you are feeling sick. How the doc makes you better!