Friday, March 9, 2012


   First thing my doctor asked me, "What kind of trouble did you get into to now?" Then he saw my stomach and said, "What in the heck did you do?" I don't know...just daily work out on the abdominal machine; inclined sit-ups; and lots of crunches, mopping, and sewing. 
    He put me on some large expensive pills for the next ten days. NO AB work in fact no exercise that involves movement of the abs. Heck, I move my abs to walk, sit, sew, and even to get out of our waterbed (yes, we still have one of those). 
   My baby will be 33 next Tuesday and the scar, Well, it was badly infected and had a lesion on it. It didn't hurt unless it was touched or I moved wrong so I didn't worry about it.   
   This infection was the cause of my headache, chills, fever, stiff jaw, boils, sties, etc.  I was sicker than I thought! Oh, and if it is not better significantly by Monday, I have to go back for stronger meds and probably more expensive.LOL
   Happily married couples share everything even germs!  DH's sty & under-the-arm boil, which is as big as a baseball, was also caused by the same germs so he is on the same meds.
  I have been working on Saint Stars 2 and the Halloween Graduation Quilt instead of exercising but don't think doctor would approve of that either since I have to get up from machine to iron and trim each round. It is now 36" across.    
   Oh, well....if I don't mind then it don't matter. Right? Besides, I am feeling much better! One day I will go back and read this and laugh.
Lator Gators. Keep making lemonade from life's lemons


  1. Oh, no! Who would have thought. I am glad you have the right meds now. You will certainly get better fast. I thought I told smelly not to share the BAD stuff with you!!!!!!

    glen: I am limping and frank is having a gout DiNozzo is kinda. Lunching off the walls!!

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