Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stash Report Sunday March 4, 2012

Fabric Added the last 2 weeks: .75 yards (gift to me)
Fabric Added in February: 1.75 yards (1 bought & .75 gift)
Fabric Added in March: 0 yards (I am still staying away from LQS.)
Added YTD: 2.75 yards (1 won & 1 bought & .75 gift) (Goal is 12 yards @ 1 per month)
Fabric Used the last 2 weeks: 1 yard (Muslin for Sue Nickels class)
Fabric used in February: 15.625 yards
Fabric use in March: 0 yards (I have been quilting Saint Stars 2)
Used YTD: 28.5 yards (Goal is 96 yards @ 8 per month)
Stash Reduced: 25.75 yards

  This week I have not pieced a stitch. Monday I learned so much in the Sue Nickels' class on machine quiltingI am a very slow machine quilter but have been working on Saint Stars 2 every day. 
   I usually send my tops and backs to DD#1 who now has her Bailey (Ms. B.) working properly. She did fantastic custom quilting on the Phaff System so I can't wait to see what she will accomplish now. She loves to quilt for others and money earned supports her stash addiction. 
  Tumblers will be the first quilt that she will do for me on that machine. I have 2 waiting but don't want to overload her with my quilts. DD#1 is also a prolific piecer and has multiple tops needing quilting. Her twin & king sized LSU Crystal Ball Quilts are amazing! I wish I were as talented.
  Later this year she will return my Phaff System to live in my den. Then maybe I will be able to quilt my own utility quilts and only sending the special ones to her. I can dream, can't I? 
  Lator Gators; I have a complicated prom dress to alter and Saint Stars 2 to quilt! Keep making Lemonade out of Life's Lemons.


  1. Isn't Sue Nickels a fun teacher? Your daughter got her talent gene from her mom -- so go for it with your Pfaff system. You can do it,

  2. Machine quilting is fun! These days I find myself in a hurry to get tops done so I can spend time on the quilting. 25+ yds used till date - you are doing well at reducing your stash!

  3. I so missed not going to that class. Looks like you are right on target with you de=stashing plan!


  4. Dreams are visions of the heart so it's totally possible. Great numbers for busting stash. JAne