Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday Month

June is birthday month in our family. We have at least one every week and some weeks more. 
June 1  PJ is 14
        10 Billie 
        11 Lynne, Lisa, Bryan
        17 Mine
        18 Mom
        19 Alexis
        20 Xavier J
        23 Grandpa Bobbie
This does not take in nieces, nephews, and cousins. LOL
Judy L chose #12 as the UFO of the month. I finished that one a couple of months ago so I am good to go there. This gives me time to work on finishing all the others that I did not complete. Currently I am working on Saint Stars (I bet you will be surprised when it comes off my UFO list.) and a wedding wall hanging & baby quilt for a friend.(I didn't get the wedding hanging done before their 1st anniversary so hopefully I will get the baby quilt done before its first birthday.So far I am ahead since it has not been born but due soon.)

Lator Gators! The open road calls.


  1. Wow! You DO have a lot of birthdays in June! What are your Octobers like? :)

  2. Hopefully the quilt is born before the baby! LOL. Your June is like our January. Everyone and his brother was born in January in my family. or got married or something.

    glen: rooting for saints stars! LOL